Automate your sales processes with out-of-the-box technology

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Automate your sales processes with out-of-the-box technology

SAP Discover Online Session on October 16th, 2018 | 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM IST
The enterprise having on-field sales team relies mainly on sales executives to achieve their daily sales targets. The key challenges faced by the industry are lack of executives’ training, accomplishing daily sales targets, efficient visit planning, striking the right relation and deal with the potential dealers. The sales executives mostly depend on their own experience and intuition and not all executives perform at the same level of efficiency. Unlike higher management, the job of sales executives is not powered by AI Driven Insights and Assistance.
Datoin’s unique solution, intelligent sales assistant (ISA), aims to bring the power of AI to the sales executives helping them to achieve their sales targets better. The main objectives of ISA are to improve top line, improve cash flow, improve sales executives efficiency, reduce executive churn and provide critical KPIs to managers.
The assistant offers features like automated theme-based visit planning, conversational recommendations (like up-sell, cross-sell, seasonality etc.), red flag insights for proactive outreach (churn, collection issues, etc.), dynamic goal setting, etc. It is highly customizable to suit different industry requirements.

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