Run your business in the “New Normal” with SAP Business One

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Run your business in the “New Normal” with SAP Business One

SAP Discover Online Session on September 10th, 2020
In July 2020, many of Bhutan's enterprises had to move to a work from home mode. This new industry experiment became a way for companies to move ahead. Fast forward, and now the adoption of digital technology like online sales, services, and e-commerce is emerging as an integral part of our lives. For reasons of safety and convenience, the pandemic is accelerating the adoption of products and services that can be fully delivered digitally.

The Central Bank and the financial service providers are providing uninterrupted digital financial services. The lockdown has provided an opportunity for financial institutions to promote digital banking. A total of 5463 new bank account holders on-boarded mobile banking during the first week of lockdown. According to the Royal Monetary Authority, mobile and internet banking recorded a total of 1.35 million transactions amounting to Nu 1.08 billion in the first week of lockdown.

The pandemic will quicken the shift to fully digital business models in banking, insurance, medicine, and retail, among other industries. Employees can do their jobs from anywhere with an internet connection. Businesses will need to develop the after-sale support work to keep physical products running, with digital technology to monitor their condition and Artificial Intelligence to make corrections and adjustments.

Join us for the Webinar where we will present how leveraging SAP Business One can help companies automate key processes, manage complex systems with adherence to internal controls, gain real-time visibility into the operations through better reporting and save money through better use of technology.

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