Social Collaboration at Work: Engaging & Empowering Employees

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Social Collaboration at Work: Engaging & Empowering Employees

SAP Discover Online Session on December 6th, 2016
Being online is the name of the game. Communication and engagement has evolved to being social in many ways possible. Social media revolution has transcended into the workplace and businesses need to keep up with this changing business mantra. Millennials, who are now emerging as the majority population in most organizations, are demanding new ways of employee engagement and learning. More and more, breeds of social collaboration using the internet are impacting how businesses are run. HR, being people managers, must keep pace with the social media revolution without compromising the loss of productivity that may arise with its excessive use.

User Adoption is singularly the most important aspect of a new HCM solution for an organization – and WalkMe is the answer to it. WalkMe and their next generation live support is a change management tool that improves user adoption. It is a great engagement tool for web enabled applications such as SuccessFactors. It anticipates user needs and provides help exactly when and where they need it. WalkMe also drives users to action by highlighting new features and recommending relevant high-value offerings. Thus, organizations need not worry about getting a new HCM tool that their employees will not use - Walk Me assures better end-user training and usage in a friendlier web-based interface.

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