Blueprint for the right Cloud ERP Investment

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Blueprint for the right Cloud ERP Investment

SAP Discover Online Session on September 28th, 2017
What would you rather be doing?
Shopping for a new car or figuring out which cloud-based ERP solution to buy for your business?
I'm sure you've heard about the wonders of using a cloud-based ERP solution but very few people can tell you how to choose one that works for you. Getting it right can mean lower costs, increasing profits and improving productivity for your business, but getting it wrong can also bring
about a whole new set of problems.
Brett Fordham, General Manager at Nextsite understands what you have to go through when putting a new cloud-based ERP solution in place. He went through the same hassle of comparing multiple vendors who confused him with complicated features and pricing models. Sounds familiar?
We know you would much rather be shopping for that new car so we've put together a short webinar to help you take away all the guess work and let someone like Brett tell you about his experience and what he learnt through the process of hunting for an ERP solution.

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